The means of social communications have become so important as to be for many the chief means of information and education, of guidance and inspiration in their behavior as individuals, families and within society at large.
-- Mission of the Redeemer, 37
The latest media of social communication are indispensable means for evangelization, and enlightening the minds and heart of men. They also contribute towards cooperation in furthering human progress by a Christian leavening of the social order.
-- Communio et progressio, 163
[H]e calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he has let out his own sheep, he goes before them: and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice
-- (Jn, 10).

Five Goals:

Catholic radio is an excellent instrument to help you accomplish the five priority goals adopted by the USCCB!

See how Catholic radio can support your efforts to reach your goals and inflame more souls with love for Christ.

Almost 11% of listeners polled in the 2011 Catholic Radio Listener Survey said Catholic radio helped save their marriage. Whether it is because of fortified faith in general, or the fruit of listening to programs focused on Christian marriage, listeners tell us that their vocation to marriage is stronger because they hear the truths of the faith through Catholic radio.

My wife and I left the church several years ago. …Then I started listening to Catholic Radio. We joined RCIA and came back to the Sacraments. It has been over a year now and there is such love, peace and happiness in our home that I never thought I would see. – R.M. Midland, TX

After WQOP aired 60 second announcements for Retrouvaille, 12 couples enrolled in the program to save their marriages.

I had been like alot of people of my generation, you fall away after a divorce or a setback in life and then after years you realize your still a Catholic...through listening to it (The Station of the Cross) and through all the different speakers and programs that are on it, gave me the courage to go back to confession where you have to start to pick up these broken peices. ...through listening I had the strength and courage to go back to confession after 30 years.
Two years ago I married for a second time. My husband and I were married by a judge. After listening and understanding more about my faith, I now want to make our marriage right and I am to meet with my Priest at the end of this month to start an annulment of my first marriage. CRA Survey 2010

Throughout the day, Catholic radio stations offer solid and practical catechesis on the following topics concerning marriage:

  • Maintaining marriage
  • The spirituality of the vocation to marriage
  • The theology behind motherhood and fatherhood
  • Theology of the Body Parenting & family topics
This catechesis counters- and in some cases replaces- secular media that presents a distorted, worldly view of marriage, family and sexuality.