The means of social communications have become so important as to be for many the chief means of information and education, of guidance and inspiration in their behavior as individuals, families and within society at large.
-- Mission of the Redeemer, 37
The latest media of social communication are indispensable means for evangelization, and enlightening the minds and heart of men. They also contribute towards cooperation in furthering human progress by a Christian leavening of the social order.
-- Communio et progressio, 163
[H]e calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he has let out his own sheep, he goes before them: and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice
-- (Jn, 10).

How to Use

Catholic radio can support you and your goals for your diocese. It provides a ready-made platform for your voice, the promotion of events and initiatives of the diocese and the teaching of the Faith.  Radio is an extremely low cost and low-effort method of reaching diverse populations with the Gospel. Can this be a strategic opportunity of evangelization for you?

The unique nature of Catholic radio allows it to serve as a companion and multiplier to other evangelization efforts in the diocese. Listeners tune in to Catholic radio to:

  • Participate in devotions to the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady, and others during their daily routine.
    • Allow listeners to pray a daily rosary, the Angelus, or other prayers with you wherever they are.
  • Improve their understanding of Church teachings, verify the Catholic perspective on contemporary issues, and engage in Catholic culture.
    • Assure the faithful of your stance on controversial subjects, teach them from your own lips, encourage them to deepen their faith all as you are carrying out other duties.
  • Learn what’s happening in their local church and community, and hear the voices of local priests and bishops.
    • Promotion of diocesan events on the radio can boost participation numbers and make the Faithful feel the presence of a tightly-knit community, even in a populous or geographically large diocese.
  • Hear the Faith proclaimed in their own language
    • Evangelical Spanish radio stations are popping up at an incredible rate and luring Catholics away from the Church – Reach Hispanic Catholics with your own low cost, free FM license available from the FCC for a limited time – find out how

The Catholic Radio Association can assist you in achieving your goals for evangelization. From taking advantage of existing stations in your diocese to establishing your own, Contact us to see how we can customize a plan in your diocese to Make Your Voice Heard.