The means of social communications have become so important as to be for many the chief means of information and education, of guidance and inspiration in their behavior as individuals, families and within society at large.
-- Mission of the Redeemer, 37
The latest media of social communication are indispensable means for evangelization, and enlightening the minds and heart of men. They also contribute towards cooperation in furthering human progress by a Christian leavening of the social order.
-- Communio et progressio, 163
[H]e calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he has let out his own sheep, he goes before them: and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice
-- (Jn, 10).

Why Radio?

Americans spend more time consuming media than ever before. At the same time, they utilize diverse types of media. Even as more social media and smart phone apps spring up, the demand for terrestrial radio remains constant. A 2011 Arbitron study on media consumption called AM/FM radio “relevant and resilient”, with 93% of Americans still using it daily as they add different types of media to their growing list of information sources.

Radio remains a significant element in the wider media culture::

  • 96% of Americans own a radio.
  • 80% of Americans say they will continue to listen to the same amount of AM/FM radio even as technology advances.
  • 40% of online radio users listen to AM/FM streams on the internet.
  • 89% of online radio users still tuned in to an AM/FM station during the week.
  • On average, Americans who spend over six hours per day on the internet still listen about 2 hours of AM/FM radio each day.
  • 69% of Americans “love” listening to radio.
  • 73% are listening to AM/FM radio the same or more than they did five years ago.
  • Time spent listening to Religious programming is longer than average, ranking No. 9 overall among the 24 formats covered.

Americans are listening to radio. Is your message there? It is imperative to establish a Catholic presence everywhere the faithful can be found.

Radio is a proven and effective means of evangelization for many reasons:

- it most closely approximates one on one evangelization. 

  • This is proven by many listeners who credit individual Catholic radio personalities with their deepened relationship with God. One listener from Discovery Bay, CA said:

    I went to the radio looking for an uplifting station. I found Sister Ann Shields. It was like sitting next to Jesus! She was so filled with the Spirit! I am not Catholic myself but I know when I hear the Holy Spirit. My husband lost his job, and you guys are all that is pulling me through. It has been a year since I started [listening].”

Contact the Catholic Radio Association to learn more about using radio as a means to evangelize your flock.